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👑What is Yes or No Button😊

Yes Or No Button is a decision making tool or button. It is also known as a random yes or no button. It randomly picks yes or no that’s why it is also known as a yes or no generator. It works similar to a yes or no wheel. By clicking on the “Get Answer” button you get an answer according to yes or no. It is also known as the decision making button because the decision is fully dependent on the button. 


Yes Or No Button is a random decision button that provides amazing different features such as:


This yes or no button allows users to change the color of the circle but it can’t change the color of the yes or no because it is by default. In this tool the color will change automatically when the user adds the names to the box. 

Custom Names:

In this tool we provide the amazing feature that is “add custom names”. This feature allows users to add custom names to the custom box. You can easily add names in the box we provided in the above. You have to simply add names in the box it automatically prevents in the circle spinner.

custom word box

Circle Spinner:

In this tool we provided a circle in which the text spins in the circle and stops on the one answer. When a user adds random text in the box and then clicks on the get answer button the background color of the text will automatically change in the circle.

circle spinner


We have provided an amazing feature in this random yes or no button that is you can take a screenshot of the obtained answer easily. When the answer is obtained it shows in the popup you can simply click on the “Take Pic” button that is placed in the right bottom it automatically takes a picture.

take pic

Play As Game:

In this tool we provided the amazing feature that you can play it with your friends. It includes different enjoyable games like challenges, truth or dare, toss games and more. So, don’t waste your time and play enjoyable and amazing games with your friends.


You can use this yes or no button online without any limitations. You can use it online or offline freely.

Add/Remove Yes Or No

In this tool we have provided the two buttons one is add yes or no and other is remove yes or no because we want this tool also to work like a random name picker. So, you can easily remove default yes or no by simply clicking on the “Remove Yes Or No” or if you want to add removed yes or no then simply click on “Add Yes Or No” button it appears again.

add remove yes or no

❄️How To Use This Yes Or No Button🌟

This tool is very attractive, simple and easy to use. You can use this tool whenever you need to obtain a good answer for you. You can use this tool anytime. 

Following are the tips to use this tool that are:

  • Add a question in the question box.
  • Add text in the box given above if you want to add some names otherwise leave it.
  • Then simply click on the “Get Answer” button.
  • Then yes or no spin in the circle and then it stops on the one.
  • After it stops you will see a popup on which your answer is written what you get.
  • Then click on “OK” if you want to close the popup otherwise click on “Take Pic” to take a screenshot.
  • Continue using it if you want to spin more.

In this simple and easy way, you can use this tool without any limitations

yes or no button

🥵Which Situations We Use This Tool🎯

When it is difficult for people to make decisions according to yes or no they use a yes or no button or yes or no wheel. Some of the conditions we use this yes or no button like:

  • Should I go on a date with my girlfriend?
  • Is this a good time to spend with my family?
  • Should I buy a mobile phone?
  • Is it good to eat Kabab?
  • Should I go to College/University tomorrow?
  • Should I go jogging?
  • Should I purchase Netflix?
  • Should I purchase Nike Shoes?

These are the most common situations to use this tool. This helps you most to choose the good answer for you. There are many other situations to use this tool when people are stuck in any situation to make a decision.

🎳Use This Tool Like Random Name Picker🔎

In this tool, we have provided the feature to add and spin random names instead of using yes or no. It’s an easy and simple yes or no spinner that contains amazing different features.

Following are the steps to use this tool as a random name picker:

  • First you have to click on the “Remove Yes Or No” button that is in the bottom of the circle.
  • Then add a question for which you want to make a decision.
  • Then add text in the text section provided above.
  • Once text is added then simply click on the “Get Answer” button.
  • Then wait for the spinner to stop on the answer.
  • That’s it then your answer will appear in the popup box.

In this simple and easy way you can use this tool as a random name picker by simply adding names in the text section and removing yes or no.

🔎What's New In This Yes Or No Button🩸

As we have told above this tool contains different amazing features. You can use it in your own way. You can create and manage its environment.

Following new things are in this yes or no button:

  • You can change its color.
  • You can add questions.
  • Add custom names.
  • Yes/No spin in the circle.
  • You can easily take screenshot of the answer you obtained
  • You can use it online or offline.
  • Play different games with friends using this tool.

🍉How To Share This Yes Or No Generator🎮

You can simply share this tool by clicking on the share icons. You can easily share this yes or no button on different platforms by simply clicking on its icon. We have enabled Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

So you can share this tool on the following given platforms by simply click on its icon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this website is to provide a simple and quick decision-making tool. Users can use the Yes Or No Button to help them make decisions on various questions or scenarios.

Using the button is easy. Simply click on the Yes or No button to select your response to the presented question or scenario. The website will then provide a result based on your choice.

This tool is not random. It uses predetermined criteria or algorithms to generate responses. The criteria may differ depending on the specific question or scenario.

Currently, customization options may be limited, but we’re open to suggestions. Feel free to propose questions or scenarios you’d like to see included in the future.

Yes, you can share your decision results by taking the picture of the result.

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